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FCRA Registration:

We help you register under FCRA. We can study your application and advise on steps to increase the chances of successful registration. You can expect taking care of technical aspects of registration application being handled professionally and correctly. We provide you with comprehensive list of requirements and ensure common errors are avoided which will in turn reduce delay on account of queries from the department.

FCRA Prior Permission

This is a type of registration. It is more like a temporary registration. We can help you understand which type of registration you should apply for and steps to correctly file the application. This category also require additional efforts by way of project report and donor commitment letter.

Compliance Filing under FCRA

We can help you file compliance under FCRA. Most of the filing can be done without any need of visiting our office. As the Government accepts online returns only, we obtain scanned documents and upload them on the FCRA portal. We provide services for annual filing, quarterly reporting, renewal and change filing.

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